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When shooting natural light, you are more free to move and connect with your clients

The style of shooting that defines us and what sets us apart from most other photographers is that we mix a blend of Fashion Lighting techniques with natural light shooting. Both these styles have pros and cons. When shooting natural light, you are more free to move and connect with your clients…they feel more at ease and can just be themselves…we use this style when shooting guests at weddings. Capturing special moments from a distance without people noticing allows for a more natural feel to the pics. Lizaan also uses this style to shoot the bride getting dressed and the people flowing in and out of the shooting environment. The biggest problem with natural light shooting is that you rarely have situations where you have enough good light indoors to capture detail and make-up etc.

We have invested in the best lighting equipment available to make sure we can create our own perfect light in any condition. We would typically do a fashion styled shoot with the bride, once dressed and fully ready by using these lighting techniques. We also use this technique outdoors when shooting the couple, this allows us to get the most stunning “dramatic” scenery shots on location. When using this type of style, you need to have a main photographer (Lizaan) and a specialist ‘light guy’ (Louw). We use a mobile lighting setup that still allows for some movement. Lizaan and myself are very much in sync after working together for over 10 years and sharing the passion for creating great pics. Most couples have never done a shoot up to their wedding day and the energy we as a couple bring to the shoot makes the experience fun while getting awesome pics. We both interact with the clients and both direct movements to get the best results.


Main Photographer

Close-up of a digital camera. Large copyspace

Skills: Main photographer, Main editor and wedding book designer, fantastic at making clients feel at ease.
Passion: Constantly challenging herself to get the best possible shot in any situation.
How she brings photos to life: Directing the client to get the best shot for that person and combining with some creative lighting techniques to capture fresh and stunning pics.
Other: Passionate about an active, healthy lifestyle, constantly competing in sporting events and challenging her boundaries…she has a love for people and is always reaching out to help where she can.

wedding book designer


Lighting guy


Skills: ‘Light Guy’ setting up lighting while Lizaan captures ad hoc scenes allowing for seamless transition between natural light and fashion style shooting techniques. Second shooter.
Passion: Finding new ways to light and shoot, striving to get the perfect shot in any conditions.
How brings photos to life: Uses longer lenses as second shooter, capturing moments as they happen without subject noticing…real life pics.
Other: Active, healthy lifestyle. Inspiring others to become the best they possibly can be and realise their dreams…to become the best version of themselves.

second shooter
miracle worker